"My paintings are about being fully lost in something, about dreaming. They are supposed to capture those poignant moments of human emotion, comfort, inspiration, those when we feel most alive. Sometimes it's the beauty and emotion in the quiet moments. I seek to create beauty, mystery and narrative, calling you to wonder and be inspired to make up the rest of the story behind the picture in your own mind."

Charis grew up in beautiful and strange Santa Cruz, CA. More of a math and english girl in her early days, she said to hell with her high school guidance counselor's advice and went on to explore her true passion at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She loves animation and studied entertainment design there along with traditional illustration. Upon graduating (BFA 2005) she interned at Film Roman, the animation company that produces "The Simpsons" and "King of the Hill". She loved it but longed to be in Northern California again, where she was teaching, painting, designing, and quenching her love for entertainment with the occasional film project ever since. Besides her painting, which she strives to ever evolve and improve upon, some of her favorite projects have been creating hundreds of storyboards for "Blur", a 2006 indie film, and experiencing an East Coast fall upon being accepted into Boston's Certified Artist program in 2008. She has exhibited in Santa Cruz, San Jose, Carmel, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Hale'iwa, and Honolulu.

In 2011 she moved to the island of Oahu with her new hubby to begin the next great adventure, painting in a new paradise...

Charis's art may be purchased online, at any of her various upcoming exhibitions (check out her blog or facebook for the most up to date details), or through KALEID Gallery in San Jose, CA or Bali Moon in Hale'iwa, HI.